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Expertize on aerospace industry!

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    5-axis aero-space industries



    Standard Spec Technical Data
    Control SIEMENS 840D/ FANUC 31i/FANUC 30i
    Stroke 6,050 x 3,050 x 1,200 mm
    Table Size ( X- Y) 6,000 x 3,000 mm
    Rapid(X-Y-Z) 12,000 x 3,650 x 6,000 mm/min
    Max. Table Load -

    A-axis Rotation : +-120'

    C-axis Rotation : +-245'

    A-axis average torque:400: 1000Nm

    C-axis average torque: 500: 120 Nm

    Spindle torque max : 67-87 Nm

    Spindle kw-rpm : 42-55kw - 18,000rpm


    Auto Tool Change Device  standard: 8 pcs
    Moveablt cutting-oil System depends on the workpiece
    Main Power 15KVA-60A 3-AACV 380-50/60Hz
    Main Air Pressure 0.6MPa 200L/min
    Installation Area W x L x Z 12,000 x 6,200 x 5,600mm
    Facility Weight 45,000Kg (Approx. 45ton)



    Optional Spe Technical Data
    Laser probe Automatic measurement of non-contact tool length, external diameter,wear,breakage, etc
    Touch Probe Automatic measurement of the porition, andgle, flatness, etc.
    Scale( X-Y ) (X + Y) 2axis scale (Accuracy = 0.005mm)
    vacuum Table Customize
    Spindle Upgrade Apply on user request
    Extra Auto Tool change 8 / 16pcs
    Moveable cutting-oil system Depends on the workpiece
    Vacuum Pump System Depends on the workpiece
    Tool & Holder Apply on user request


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